We recently carried out a survey among all of our customers who use our shredding services on a regular basis. The survey was conducted in order to obtain feedback to help us improve our confidential waste disposal services.

shredding services survey


The general consensus from the survey found that 97% of our regular customers would continue to use our shredding services and recommend us. The results also show that not one customer said they wouldn’t use our services again.

This is great news for ShredPro as it confirms to us that we are carrying out a professional service and that we are generally meeting expectations with our customers.

We are always looking to better ourselves and some of the individual suggestions for improvements to our services have inspired us to review and make changes to meet our customer’s specific needs. Feedback is extremely important to us as it helps with ShredPro’s development and progression which is a key factor to us as a company.

Focus areas for our shredding services

Despite the outstanding results  and even though no one said they wouldn’t continue to use our services, we as a company have identified service delivery as one of the main areas to improve on.

Delivery of our service will always be a key factor to us as well as our customers; we consider all aspects of the service from routing stage, fuel efficient routes, to effective ways of working.

We are currently awaiting the arrival of another shredding truck which we believe will improve the delivery of our shredding services, as it will allow more scope for bookings and offers a contingency for when unforeseen circumstances may arise.  The company we purchase our vehicles from have implemented many improvements and product developments, that have resulted in lower fuel consumption and emissions when both driving the vehicle and operating the shredding machine itself. Having these new environmentally friendly features on our vehicles shows our commitment to the environment and helps to shows we are following our ISO standards.