Disposing of confidential documents in a responsible and secure manner has become increasingly important over the years. Companies are obliged to comply with data protection legislation. Confidential shredding using a trusted company is favorable to businesses, as it takes up less time, and provides an assurance of secure disposal. You can leave the destruction in the hands of a professional confidential shredding company and receive the benefits of allowing them to take care of your secure data, so that you don’t have to spend time in-house manually.

Compliance with legislationshred for compliance ICO

Using a reputable and compliant shredding company to assist with document disposal will put your mind at ease that your business is meeting the requirements of current legislation. With identity fraud on the rise it’s fundamental to comply with the Data Protection Act, your business must take it seriously.

Shred Pro issue a certificate of destruction upon completion of each shred which provides you with a paper trail in order to prove your compliance.

What to shred

Any type of material that contains confidential or sensitive information or data, should be securely disposed of when no longer needed. Some documents need to be kept for a certain number of years but anything that is kept longer than necessary is liable to risk.

If you are unsure that a document needs to be shredded—shred it! Organising your documents for disposal and not keeping those for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes, will help minimize your risk of breach.

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