Secure destruction of documentation containing private or confidential information is an essential part of your business and its day to day running. It is no longer just about the business processes you need, but fundamentally about social responsibility to be green and to follow the law and data protection legislation.

confidential documentation

In recent news the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has warned high street and online shoe retailer Office after the personal data of over one million customers was left exposed due to a hacking incident. This breach has highlighted two hugely important areas of data protection;

  • All confidential documentation is vulnerable regardless of what industry of business you are in.
  • All staff within your business need to be appropriately trained on Data protection and record retention.

All businesses need to ensure that all staff who handle confidential documentation have a good understanding of the need to keep it safe at all times – especially when it is being disposed of. An organisation’s responsibility to keep information secure does not end when it is taken out of the building.

Using a reputable shredding company is the safest way to dispose of your confidential documentation. With Shred Pro’s regular onsite shredding service we can provide you with lockable consoles to ensure your documents are safe before we pick them up. We then shred all the documents on site and issue you with a Certificate of Destruction, giving you complete peace of mind.