People often dismiss having a shredding service because they have a office shredder and they think it will work out more expensive. Some even fear that it is less secure than shredding themselves however the reality is quite the contrary.

Having an office shredder is a step in the right direction to securing your confidential data however there are many downsides when compared to a professional onsite shredding service. More often than not people will wait until they have a bulk load of documents to shred as its easier than switching on the noisy shredder for a couple of bits of paper, without regard to the security of the confidential documents that have been left to pile up on their desks. the sensitive information is then left lying around waiting to be destroyed.

Professional onsite shredding service

Using a professional onsite shredding service can help with security and destruction. Shred Pro offer various secure equipment to keep your documents secure in between collections, these include consoles and bins both of which are lockable maintaining complete security. The shredders themselves are 40 times faster than the average office shredder which offers a more efficient solution to destroy your confidential documents.

One customer was amazed at just how easy it was to use our services; “This was such an easy, quick, confidential way to safely take care of our shredding, I cannot imagine why we have spent years shredding documents ourselves”

If you are interested in a more secure way of destroying your confidential documents then please contact us for more information.