Most businesses have documents which hold some sort of confidential information that could pose a security threat if it fell into the wrong hands. Every business is also entrusted with information that must be kept private legally under the Data Protection Act.

shreddedIt’s incredible how much valuable and sensitive data we are throwing away that should have been shredded. Customer information, phone records, price lists, sales reports, drafts of bids and correspondence, and even memos containing information about business activity would interest any competitor. Without the proper safeguards, this information most often ends up in the bin where it is accessible to anyone. Any business that discards of confidential and personal data without the safeguard of destruction is liable for criminal and civil prosecution, as well as hefty fines for not following legislation.

How to maintain compliance

The only way to achieve a compliant, secure method is by implementing a paper shredding process and advising all employees on what needs to be shredded. Unless you always make the effort to be secure you will put your business as well as your employees at risk as a consequence.

Using a confidential shredding service can make this process more manageable and effective. Shred Pro offer a secure on site shredding service and can provide your office with secure equipment to hold your documents in until you are ready to have them shredded. If you have any further questions or need help with your paper shredding then contact the office on 08456060528.