Here at Shred Pro we believe the best way to measure how well we’re doing is by asking our customers. So recently we carried out a survey among all of our customers who use our regular shredding service. The survey was conducted in order to obtain feedback to help us improve our confidential waste disposal services.

We are always looking to better ourselves and some of the individual suggestions for improvements to our services have inspired us to review and make changes to meet our customer’s specific needs. Feedback is extremely important to us as it helps with Shred Pro’s development and progression which is a key factor to us as a company.

shredding service pie

 The general consensus from the survey found that 98% of our regular customers would continue to use our shredding service.  Which is a slight improvement from the previous years feedback.  The results also showed that not one customer said they wouldn’t use our services again.

This is great news for Shred Pro as it confirms to us that we are carrying out a professional service and that we are generally meeting expectations with our customers.

Great value shredding service

Another great result for Shred Pro is that over 94% of our customers found our shredding service good value for money. This is an excellent achievement for Shred Pro as we do put a lot of time and effort in to our client base and ensuring that they are local in order to save our customers money.

In addition to this keeping a local client base ensures that fuel emissions are kept to a minimum helping us to adhere to our environmental standards and reduce our carbon footprint.