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ISO Accreditation passed for our Mobile Shredding Services

Since Shred Pro have been established we have obtained and passed the ISO accreditation year upon year. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) develops International Standards, they ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality thus helping to make industry more efficient and effective.

How having this standard helps our mobile shredding services

mobile shredding services ISO

Having the ISO accreditation’s will help Shred Pro’s capability to draw in new contracts and its promise to environmentally friendly procedures will be seen in a positive manner by potential clients.

The ISO accreditation is a profoundly distinguished certification and is a favorable requirement for tenders and suchlike.

With legislation getting harder on businesses it is key to have a dependable framework set up. The real profit of the ISO accreditation’s is that it guarantees we are considering the environment when carrying out our mobile shredding services.

Quality assurance for mobile shredding services

Holding these accreditation’s ensure quality for our mobile shredding services. ISO 14001 looks at the environmental factors that our services have and help us to reduce our carbon footprint. ISO 9001 looks at the quality frameworks that will enable improvements and ensure satisfaction of both clients and staff. From the customers point of view it would be beneficial for a supplier told such certification as it helps them to recieve a quality service and conveyance on time.

For more information on International Organization for Standardization and what they could mean for your business, click here.


Alternatives to using Confidential shredding services

Some businesses are looking for alternatives to using confidential shredding services either from a cost perspective or because they are unsure of the security aspects of outsourcing. However are these alternative options actually posing more of a risk?

Confidential shredding services – Alternative optionsconfidential shredding services

In-house Shredding

Focusing on the cost side of things a lot of businesses opt to shred themselves as why would you pay for confidential shredding services when you can do it yourself? However once you add up the cost of the shredder itself and the time spent shredding reality is a shredding service often works out more cost effective.

Archive all documents

So why not archive all the confidential data forever? Firstly and most importantly you would be in breach of the Data Protection Act. The Act states that confidential information “shall not be kept for longer than is necessary”.Secondly where would you store such data? Your storage room would become overrun with documents which may lead to you having to outsource your storage.  Finally the cost of outsourcing the storage, which again could outweigh the cost of using again confidential shredding services.

Recycle the documents

You could skip the shredding process and just recycle the documents but again you would be in breach of the the Data Protection Act. Under the Act, an organisation should not discard intact customer, staff or supplier information. Instead any documents must be securely destroyed using a shredder. So for business protection, staff protection and legal compliance, ensure the ethical destruction of all sensitive information by shredding.

Using confidential shredding services is the securest and quite often the most cost effective way to dispose of your confidential information. Shred Pro issue a certificate of destruction upon completion of each shred, thus confirming safe destruction and that you are no longer liable for the confidential information so you can have complete peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Why not contact us on 0845 606 0528 for a free quote and information on how we can help you meet your obligations for a minimal cost.